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Twilight - the most romantic seconds ever

Twilight - the most romantic seconds ever

Yesterday I watched a movie called twilight, and during this movie there was a part of around 90 seconds, it was the most romantic part I have ever seen, it showed what real love is and how we behave when we are in a real love, it’s when you feel that you cant live without this person and your ready to die for her/him. (if you already watched the movie then go to the last bold paragraphs if not then continue to the following one till the end).

For those who haven’t watched the movie yet, it’s a romance-vampire movie, Bella Swan “Kristen Stewart” moved from sunny Phoenix, Arizona to rainy Forks, Washington to live with her father after her mother traveled with her new husband.

On the first day at school she made many good friends, but when she got in the biology lab the teacher told her to sit next to a guy called Edward Cullen “Robert Pattinson”. The first impression was weird, strange feelings, and they didn’t say one word, then he left madly, he disappeared few days, she was waiting him to show up, she felt something else toward him, finally he showed up.

Again she sat next to him, he started the speech, and was very kind with her, after that when they were in the parking in front of the school, Bella was a bout to be run over by a van, but in less than a second Edward reached her and saved her life by stopping the van by his bare hand.

Well, he is different, this what she found out, but she insisted to know what this Edward is, anyway after reading and digging she found that he is a vampire, and she told him the truth in the middle of a forest, but she wasn’t scared of him, she told him that she trusted him and believed in him, how could he eat her after she said “I believe in you?!”

She told him before that, “you put a mask on your face, and you’re a great person, and you don’t talk with people here for some reason”, this reason was that he was a vampire, what a reason!!

She was lucky because this Edward was a good vampire, in other words he and his family drink animals blood rather than human blood, but still he feels a great desire for her blood, only for her blood, maybe it has something to do with love, I don’t know!!

By the way,another weird thing to be mentioned, Edward can read people minds, but he couldn’t read hers, that’s why he was mad at her the first time they met in the lab ;)

While they were in the forest she asked him how old was he, and he answered 17, then she asked “for how long have you been 17”, he answered since 1918, as you know, vampires are immortal. The nice thing about this that he told her,” I’ve been waiting you for a long time”, something like 80 years is really a long time.

She loved him without conditions, after that they went to school like a couple, everyone was staring, is this Edward? The gorgeous guy who has never been with a girl? And is he smiling? Everyone was shocked but me, because I believe that loves makes miracles

I remember when she asked him “how do you manage to drink only animals blood” he told her that it was like being vegetarian, and he said, “it would not really be tasty like your blood”, he meant her blood.

Then she went to visit his family, huh!! Yes vampires family, they welcomed her, but it was really weird, I guess she was a delicious meal as she liked to call her self when she met them. She didn’t find a bed in his room, he doesn’t sleep, she found like hundred high school certificates for him, as I mentioned above he has been 17 years old for more than 80 years, her funny comment was “poor you, I can imagine how terrible it’s to study high school over and over”.

After she had gone to her home, he came to visit her, getting in to her room from the window, OH I forgot to tell you that he can somehow fly and jump from a tree to another, you cant imagine guys how beautiful it was when he climbed the tallest tree in the area while she was on his shoulders, and then showed her the view from there, sea, fog, and trees, it was really amazing I wish I was there :P

He told her that “I came before from this window just to look at you while your sleeping” for him it’s not a normal thing to see someone sleeping, actually in my point of view I think looking at my love/wife while she’s sleeping would be a very nice and amazing activity, what do you think?

He met her dad officially and took her to play baseball with his family. What a game, they were running very fast, and fly and hitting the ball very strongly, suddenly another bad vampires came, those who drink human’s blood, and one of them smelled “Bella” the human.

This bad vampire “James” was a tracker vampire, which means he can find his way to “Bella”. Edward’s family did their best to save Bella, now she is one of the family, but James the tracker was smarter and he find her mother and threatened her that he would kill her mother if she didn’t come to meet him in the dancing hall where she used to go with her mother when she was 5 years old.

She promised him to meet him, I remember how she said” dying for someone you love is a good way to die”, facing death , facing James, who hit her badly, he brought a camera to film everything to enjoy it more, he broke her leg and bite her hand, at the time Edward attacked James, well, Edward was the first one of his family to arrive because he was the fastest, James was cut into pieces and burnt by Edward’s family, but Bella was about to die because she lost a lot of blood.

Now, Edward has one out of two choices, either he bites her and transforms her to a vampire like him to save her life, or he sucks the venom before it spreads in her whole body, the problem was that when a vampire starts to suck a human blood he will never stop, and in this case he will kill her.

He gave it a try, and only his great love to her stopped him, and Bella’s life was saved, and they went to the graduation party, they danced, and while they were alone she asked him to bite her to transform her to a vampire because she wanted to be immortal to live with him for ever, he asked her are you ready? She said yes, she bent back giving him her nick, he bent his head, his mouth was very close to her nick, but he kissed her nick instead of biting and drinking her blood, and said “ isn’t it enough for you to live a happy long life with me” amazinggggggggg

Now the most amazing and romantic part was in the hospital, when he told her that they should break up so that she will not get hurt again, her response to what he said made me almost cry, her facial expressions were unbelievable, she didn’t say one full sentence, she was shocked like leaving him was the last choice she would ever think about, her facial expressions, her voice tune while asking him not to leave her show you how it is when a girl loves a guy real love.

It’s when we love each other because how we feel toward each other, not because we’re handsome or beautiful, not because we’re rich or we’re famous, it’s just because you believe in this person, you strongly believe she/he is your soul mate and without her/ him you can’t live.

When he told her that they must break up she said “are you ser,,,,,NO,,,NO,,how,,, I don’t even know what ur sa,,,, how you,,,,what are you talking about? You wanna me go away? NO I cant, I just cant,,,, we cant be a part,, you cant leave me” then he said “ WHERE ELSE AM I GUNA GO?” in other words, my place is her, next to you my girl.

I split this part from the movie and uploaded it for you guys, here is the link

watch it so that you can understand what real love is.

All the best,

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  1. ohh ... what a wonderfull movie
    but I still don't understand something
    when she went to his home .. sho didn't found a bed in his room
    he claimed that he don't sleep
    but while they were in the hospital .. he was lying on the chair ... and seems to be asleep
    but he don't sleep .. what is the expalnation

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